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Admin Application - Mors Quaedam

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Admin Application - Mors Quaedam Empty Admin Application - Mors Quaedam

Post  Mors Quaedam on Tue Feb 14, 2012 10:19 pm

1.) How old are you? 14; 15 in March.

2.) Where are you from? (Timezone?) United Kingdom, GMT+0

3.) Gender? (Girl/Boy?) Boy.

4.) What interests you most about the Administrator position? The power to help people out, and to stop minges from messing about on the server.

5.) Do you have any moderation/administrative experience? Yes, on other games [Minecraft, Tremulous]

6.) Are you currently, or have you ever been, a moderator or staff member on any other websites/Servers (If yes, which ones?) Tremulous RCZ [Nick: GLaDOS] trem.rotaxmame.cz

7.) Do you know or have you worked with any of our moderators, staff or community helpers? No, Sorry.

8.) Why do you think you would make a good administrator? Because I've had previous experience; Not on GMOD, but on Tremulous [Has similar commands]

9.) Do you have any comments or suggestions regarding the forums or server? Not right now, but I might come up with some in the future.

10.) What do you think you will get out of becoming an administrator? I think I will gain more experience for future jobs as a server administrator.

11.) What is your Steam name? Mors Quaedam [leepaul707]

12.) How many hour do you have on the server? 4 hours; Not long, but I know what I'm doing.

Mors Quaedam

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Admin Application - Mors Quaedam Empty Re: Admin Application - Mors Quaedam

Post  Puff on Wed Feb 29, 2012 9:03 pm

application accepted, promotion given. Cool

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