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Admin Application.

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Admin Application. Empty Admin Application.

Post  Nameless on Tue Feb 14, 2012 10:35 pm

1.) How old are you - 16

2.) Where are you from? USA GMT+/-5:00

3.) Gender Female

4.) What interests you most about the Administrator position? Having the administrator position will allow me to help the users and hopefully will also help the community grow further.

5.) Do you have any moderation/administrative experience? Yes, I am currently an admin for a gmod server and also shared owner of snipers servers. "Minecraft and css"

6.) Are you currently, or have you ever been, a moderator or staff member on any other websites/Servers (If yes, which ones?) Yes! The information is above Smile

7.) Do you know or have you worked with any of our moderators, staff or community helpers? I currently havn't come accross any of the other moderators / staff.

8.) Why do you think you would make a good administrator? Yes, because I have had plenty of experience on past servers so I know how to deal with issues / problems.

9.) Do you have any comments or suggestions regarding the forums or server? Because you have player damage on users can still kill each other via wire turrets, igniters and props. If you combine these with facers tools and auto lock e2's you will have a lot of problems with people RDMing each other.

10.) What do you think you will get out of becoming an administrator: Just being able to stop people <attacking> the server and also peace of mind when I do decide to build myself.

11.) What is your Steam name?

# 58 "Ɲλɱєℓєςς" STEAM_0:1:9378400 1:08:41 128 0 active

12.) How many hour do you have on the server? 22



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Admin Application. Empty I hope

Post  Nameless on Tue Feb 14, 2012 10:39 pm

I Hope that i have given you enough info that i am worthy of being an admin to your great server.


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