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Admin Application - PurplePeopleEater	 Empty Admin Application - PurplePeopleEater

Post  PurplePeopleEater on Wed Feb 15, 2012 8:47 pm

1.) I am 16 years of age

2.) I am from the United Kingdom GMT timezone

3.) I am a Male

4.) I am intrested in an administrator position because gaming experience is about quality and how it suits you not, game trolls who have no puropse in life but to ruin a perfectly good game. The countless times i have had this in garry's mod is unreal. Also i enjoy helping Newbies and other members of the gaming community and pass down all the knowledge i know onto them.

5.) Hmmmmm, where do i start well i adminitrated many Garry's Mod servers before i left (or the owner was too cheap and shut it down) also some CS:S, TF2, L4D, L4D2 so i am pretty fluent with all admin commands in ULX and know what to do.

6.) I currently have one withstanding admin position which i am thinking of leaving and that's a Garry's Mod server called Digitalnacho.net as many players do not play on it.

7.) I have talked to puff himself, sometimes other than that No.

8.) Because i can be freindly when needed, and firm when i need to be i like to help others in their gamining career and bassicaly want to make online game as good as it can be.

9.) I think it is perfectly fine, no problems at all, wide vareity of tools and props and maps and the forums are easily accessable.

10.) New friends, and of course probably enemies, but i can handle that. More experience working on a server, new methods to teach newbies wiremod etc.

11.) phoniex3000 - In game name PurplePeopleEater

12.) 6 hours



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