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Recent "absence" of the server and Puff

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Recent "absence" of the server and Puff Empty Recent "absence" of the server and Puff

Post  Mors Quaedam on Fri May 04, 2012 6:15 pm

I'm sure, as are you that we've been lacking in both Puff and his server. This is due to a number of reasons.
1.) The April 25th GMOD update killed the server
2.) Puff can't/won't update the server (Even though he told me about 5 days ago he was updating that night)
3.) Puff is either offline, or constantly ignores myself and the rest of the admin team, Mandera being no source of help whatsoever.

Sorry for any inconvenience and I hope Puff will (eventually) get the server up and running again. I'm going to run a temporary Hamachi server while Puff attempts to resume his own. (I won't have it on too much, and it'll be on for an hour and a half - two hours at most, although it depends)
If any of you want more details on that server then add me (leepaul707) on Steam.

Thinking about it, that's a bad idea, it can't handle any more than 4 players otherwise pings spike to 600.
Thanks for reading.
-Mors Quaedam

Mors Quaedam

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Recent "absence" of the server and Puff Empty Re: Recent "absence" of the server and Puff

Post  Juryo | Admin on Sat May 05, 2012 5:32 am

All this is right, Puff really needs to step it up. He is starting to procrastinate with the server and not taking it seriously, if he does not have enough time. He should shut it down. But don't ignore all the admins.

-All the best
Juryo | Server Administrator
Juryo | Admin
Juryo | Admin

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