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A Garry's Mod Racer server & a Donating System

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A Garry's Mod Racer server & a Donating System Empty A Garry's Mod Racer server & a Donating System

Post  Juryo | Admin on Sun Apr 15, 2012 11:27 pm

I have an idea for another server Puff could host, but uses a specific mod called Garry's Mod Racer, a mod developed by Pulsar Effect in 2007. The link for the download is below


Gamemode : --CLICKHERE--

Map Pack : --CLICKHERE--



Garry's Mod Racer is a racing gamemode which allows players to purchase items/weapons to advance, become faster and to kill opponents in Death match mode, where everyone is against each other in a Arena, there is also a racing mode that all opponents race each other, the higher the place the more money you receive when you finish. For higher classes there are special skins (Owner, Co-Owner, Admins and Trusted (In this case, Peacekeeper).

Why do I suggest this gamemode?:

Mainly because most of the servers that host Garry's Mod Racer are very popular (LDT, and other previous servers), and also because its a pretty fun gamemode, especially with multiple people on the server.



I was thinking of a simple donating system that ran off of Paypal or another site. So you could get some money to pay for the servers. I am also willing to donate a bit of money to support Puffs Gmod Community


How can I support this topic?:

You could support this by leaving a reply saying I support this topic, and a reason why.


Thank you for reading this topic, and hope this gets accepted!

-All the best
Juryo | Server Administrator
Juryo | Admin
Juryo | Admin

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